The month of March was a hideous month for Team Wise - the young Wises had tonsillitis, croup, nasty tummy bug, impetigo - to name a few. Along with general ill days, there are also sports days, assemblies and plays - when you want to be there for your child. As a parent the importance of flexible working is crucial. 

MotherPukka champions flexible working and strives to drive awareness of how important flexible working is in today's society:

"[There is a] Lack of flexibility – and the idea that mums are a hassle to employ – is the main problem. Motherhood is a significant driver of the gender pay gap, as women tend to have babies in their late 20s and early 30s, just as they’re approaching their career peak, and find that employer inflexibility limits their options."

Every parent has to juggle a work / life balance and sometimes the scales start tipping the wrong way and you think everything will fall apart! Equinet has tools in place to support flexible working and an attitude to go with it.

So, here are 3 tools to support flexible working in your organisation: 


Unifying all your messages and files into one integrated platform, Slack is the hero of the workplace. It takes away the need to clog up inboxes and you can easily inform your team of work you have completed.  And who doesn't love the party parrot!


A project management tool allowing you to assign certain tasks to different team members, everyone is clear on what they are expected to complete.  For example, I will be given a Trello card to produce a newsletter for a client, once I have done this I move the 'card' to completed.  At a glance, you are able to see what still needs to be completed and what has already been done.  Everyone is kept up-to-date and on-task.

Google Drive

Everything is synced and saved to the cloud, sharing is easy and most important for flexible working - all your documents can be accessed from anywhere, giving us the ability to log in remotely and continue working on documents.

Flexibility in the workplace provides obvious benefits for your employees and as an employer, you will have an awesome team of people who are dedicated to their jobs and bring a rich wealth of experience - but who just happen to be parents. 

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3 tools for flexible working