It was great to see A Comprehensive Guide On How To Use Twitter Analytics For Digital Marketers by Pankaj Narang pop up on my twitter feed this week. It is a fantastic guide showing you what you can achieve by delving into your Twitter Analytics.  

It's no use putting all the hard work into social media marketing if you don't analyse how well you are doing - and this is where Twitter Analytics is excellent.  

How do I use Twitter Analytics?

The layout of Analytics is very user-friendly. Data is broken down into monthly bite-size chunks, so you can instantly see your top tweet, mention, follower and tweet for that period. I also use it to produce monthly reports which you can download into excel. This data shows me:

  • Follower gain
  • Profile visits
  • Tweet impressions
  • Tweet engagement
  • Retweets
  • Replies
  • Likes
  • URL clicks
  • Hashtag clicks

Why is this information valuable?

Twitter Analytics will give you a deeper understanding of your audience's behaviour. Analytics shows you the best days to post content and even what hashtags have done well; it also shows you what content has worked well in the past and what hasn't. 

With all this valuable information you can continually tweak your social media strategy. Social media doesn't stand still, so make sure you are constantly evolving and looking for insights by analysing. 

What key insight have I learned from Twitter Analytics?

Twitter threads are awesome!  They gain great engagement and boost a business' presence on Twitter.  Again and again, threads come up as one of the top performing tweets.  Threads allow you to link together many different tweets and tweet them all in one go.  Within your Twitter thread use a mixture of text-based tweets, images, gifs and of course link to your content.  For example, you can break down a blog post into the most relevant points:

Equinet Media Twitter Thread

Twitter threads are a great way to repurpose content and get creative!

Update: Since writing the above I have found a super blog with sound advice by Dennis Shiao on How to Use Twitter Threads to Gain Attention and Engagement which I recommend reading- thanks Dennis!

Twitter Analytics for B2B Marketing