It’s funny how older generations sneer at the idea of social media as the prefix to any job title. 

‘Social media managers’, ‘Social media specialists’, and even successful ‘Vloggers’ face an ongoing backlash - usually in the form of some ignorant “get a real job” comment. 

But acquiring and maintaining an online following takes a great deal of hard work, skill and knowledge. Ultimately, it’s a career that's built on proactivity, writing talent, and an inquisitive and observant nature - skills that can't always be taught. 

In the ferociously competitive world of social media, advanced copywriting skills are enormously valuable. With many platforms limiting their character count, the challenge is to choose your words wisely and make every word count. 

This article from Sprout Social is handy as a back pocket reference when you’re feeling lost for words or just short on inspiration. Never underestimate the value of catchy headlines, style guides and A/B testing to bolster your copy and engage more reactions with your content. The post details 8 advanced copywriting hacks that will help you master social media marketing.

With influencer marketing and sponsorship commonplace in our newsfeeds, it’s not just millennials that can capitalise on social media foray, but brands too.

Social is an ever-changing industry, and ultimately, you’re at the mercy of your followers. How well your content does on social platforms is dependent on your ability to attract, engage and offer them something new.