The likelihood is that if you’re working in the B2B sector, you’re stuck behind a desk all day. And you’d be quite right in suggesting that you don’t need to be fit to get your job done. After all, your promotion isn’t dependent on your ability to bench press the weight of your desk! 

So why bother going to the gym at all tonight? It’d probably look better if you stayed late in the office, right? 


“Whether you’re pitching to a potential client or giving a presentation, a consistent exercise routine will help cultivate the energy you need to execute your tasks in peak form.”


And I have to say I agree. 

At the risk of sounding smug, I just want to illustrate why I am such a firm believer in the 'energy begets energy' theory. 

After having some time off from my usual high-intensity exercise regime due to injury, I am slowly finding my feet again in the gym. And, following a nice and sweaty workout last night, I found myself early to my desk this morning, with a green tea (over my usual coffee), having already completed a handful of household chores. I felt alert, motivated, clear-headed, and yeah - a teeny bit smug if I'm totally honest!  

During the first few weeks of recovery where I was instructed to rest completely and do no exercise at all, I was sluggish and lethargic. Getting out of bed in the morning became increasingly arduous and I wanted to do nothing but collapse on the sofa after an 8 hour day at work. 

What’s more, the sedentary life is believed to be the precursor to all sorts of untimely diseases and illness.

If that all wasn’t enough, regular exercise is said to motivate you in other areas of your life too. Think about it. When you exercise you sleep better, eat better, avoid alcohol, and generally make better decisions in relation to your wellbeing.

But don’t be discouraged by associating 'exercise' with hours of pumping iron in a gym full of unfriendly, vascular people... 

Simply moving more, walking more, taking the stairs, cycling to work or parking further away from your office are small changes that will make a big a difference to your happiness and your work!