The World Cup has already delivered up some awesome social media reactions, here are my top 3 (so far...)

1. #GarethSouthgateWould 

It all started with a tweet from this guy after Gareth Southgate was seen comforting Columbian players:

The hashtag then began trending on Twitter and has taken on many forms:

Hilarious and brilliant!

2. Alternative Commentaries

There have been some great alternative commentaries for this World Cup, and my favourite has to be from Shakespeare's Globe who took to Twitter with #GlobeFootball a witty commentary the bard would be proud of:

3. It's Coming Home Memes

The memes have been just superb, the 90s anthem 'It's Coming Home' has been embraced once again by a nation on the edge of their seat - Friends and Planet of the Apes have to be my personal faves.  

World Cup reactions on social media