I do love an About Us page, it delights my naturally nosey nature and is usually one of the first pages I look at when I'm researching a business online.  An About Us page is an opportunity to get an insight into a brand's personality while getting to know who they are and what they do.  

Recently I came across an article from Search Engine Journal '25 Creative & Engaging Examples of About Us Pages' highlighting 25 creative and engaging examples of About Us pages from a variety of business sectors.  These show why an About Us page shouldn't be an after-thought, but used for further brand expression, enhancing your website's user-experience and turning leads into customers.  

Here are my three favourites from Search Engine Journal's list:

1. ToyFight

ToyFight About Us Page

I've just spent a good cup-of-tea length of time playing around on this website - it's a joy! ToyFight are a Manchester based design agency...

We're designers, directors, strategists, and awkward dancers.

The website is fun and interactive, I particularly like the inclusion of Jonny riding a Tyrannosaurus and the About Us page gives us further insight into the duo behind ToyFight. 

2. Tate

Sleek, neat and to-the-point, this page eases the user on a natural journey to find out more - a bit like a wander through one of their galleries in fact!

3. Bulldog

Creating About Us Pages

A close-up shot of an adorable bulldog immediately sets you at ease and puts their brand in your face.  Bulldog use this page to showcase some of their products with plenty of opportunities to 'shop now' and emphasise how they 'take the lead' in creating cruelty-free, vegan-friendly products. 

For more About Us page inspiration click on the link >>