My fellow Twitterer SocialPip has written a superb Twitter guide for event attendees, detailing what you should be doing before, during and after the event.  I have been lucky enough to attend some great, informative events in the past month including the Cambridge HUG (HubSpot User Group) and the inaugural Marketing Meetup: Bedford. The tips that SocialPip gives can be applied to both your own personal account and also a business account.  Attending or organising an event as a business is an opportunity to be more 'human' on your social accounts which is always a win! 

From SocialPip's extensive guide here are 3 top tips:

1. Create an event list

This is such an awesome idea, so simple!  Add to the event list: attendees, organisers, speakers and sponsors. To create a list go to 'profile and settings' and choose 'create a list', you can then add contacts to the list by clicking on the three dots on the right-hand side in their profile. Once the list has been set-up, you can then easily interact with fellow event-goers!

2. Keep your audience in mind

While tweeting from an event bear in mind your followers who are not at the event; make sure your tweets are informative, ideally with links to where followers can gain more information.  Always use the unique hashtag associated with the event.

3. Tweet about the people you meet

Meeting people IRL (in real life) at events is excellent, cement this relationship by tweeting about it.  So often we follow and interact on Twitter, so when you get the opportunity to meet at an event that is worth a Twitter-celebration!

Check out SocialPip's full guide on 'How to use Twitter for Events: A Guide for Attendees' by clicking on the link below.  

And hopefully, I will meet SocialPip IRL at an event soon!