Great photos can be a massive differentiating factor when it comes to your brand's popularity on Instagram

But as the article below from the HubSpot marketing blog explains, the hard work doesn't end with the creation of your sparkling visual content. The words you choose to caption your images can have a vital role to play too.

So what's the recommended advice for crafting appealing Instagram captions? 

According to HubSpot's expert Lindsay Kolowich, top of the list is to write several draft versions of your caption. Take your time, tweak where necessary, sit on your ideas if need be and seek advice from coworkers if you're feeling stuck. 

Second on the list is to "front-load" the important stuff - which means putting the information that's especially relevant right at the beginning of your caption. 

Why? Well apart from grabbing attention, it's also down to the number of characters. The maximum character count for an Instagram caption is a pretty hefty 2,200. But Instagram will truncate your handiwork after around the first three or four lines of text. So be sure to put what matters most at the very beginning.

Tip number three? Include some form of text CTA in your caption. This is your opportunity to prompt your readers into action - ideally by using some kind of action verb (tap, share etc) or by posing a question which encourages them to comment.

Lindsay also recommends limiting your use of hashtags to a maximum of four. Sure, using a string of searchable hashtags can be a great way to attract more followers - but if you overdo it you risk just looking spammy. She also suggests saving them till the end of your caption and leading with your "human-friendly" content.

For the full list of Lindsay's Instagram caption wisdom, you check out her post below. And happy Instagramming!