The short answer is no.

I know what you're thinking: "Those entitled, indulgent millennials! We just can't do enough to please them!"

Well, maybe you're overthinking it. To the new generation of workers “meaning, flexibility and challenge are key to engaging their hearts and minds.”

It’s a happy time here at Equinet. With the business going through a growth spurt and Equinet House having a bit of our facelift, MD Jeremy is in high spirits, and it’s rubbing off on the rest of the team.

However, it reminded me that it’s not just the office refurb that has got us all giddy. 

Flexibility at Equinet is prioritised. Our agile scrum working model is exceptionally accommodating to the working parents, time-poor millennials and even dog owners of the office. On top of that, wellbeing and employee culture is at the centre of everything we do. Equinet provides us with monthly massages and reiki, regular fresh fruit deliveries, quarterly team-building activities, and some of the best coffee on St. Cuthbert’s street. All of which is underpinned by a culture that promotes lightness of heart, education and helpfulness. For those reasons, we boast a low employee turnover and a happy and productive workforce.

You see, retaining a happy a motivated workforce is about more than having a trendy office.

As this article by WeForum points out, happiness at work is down to more meaningful areas of employee contentment. Splashing out on hammocks and ball pits in a bid to make your office more Instagrammable, while workers are plagued with guilt for missing out on their kids’ nativity play is a futile and superficial way of approaching employee retention. If your rigid working structure lacks flexibility, your employees are without purpose or challenge, and wellbeing is something you simply don’t have the time for, you could expect to see sick days rise and productivity plummet.

So while a nap sofa is always going to be welcome in this office we must remind ourselves of the real drivers behind employee motivation, happiness and overall wellbeing.