Well, that colourful picture definitely caught my attention. But supposedly, there’s more to it than my superficial preference for pretty colours and images. The strategic use of colour can be used to allure and entice your prospects into making a conversion, according to Jeff Bullas. The colours you choose for your conversion paths and web design can have a psychological effect on whether people choose to click a button, fill out a form, or download more information.

Now I was mistaken in thinking that kind of thing came down to linguistic choice. Yes, I knew that colours played their part, but can they really influence decisions that much? 

Let’s take a look: 


Blue is closely aligned with calmness and serenity and is believed to contribute to lowered blood pressure and heart rate. But in a business sense, it also represents stability, reliability, security and intelligence. 


Unsurprisingly, red is used to create a sense of urgency. It is also the colour of passion which could range from love to jealousy and danger. Interesting...


Sunshine, happiness, cheerfulness and optimism. Yellow promotes youth and joyfulness, but it can be easily overdone, so use sparingly. 


Take red and yellow and what do you get? Orange. Equally, the feelings evoked from the colour orange are an even blend of red and yellow. While orange brings out the cheer in people, it also creates a sense of urgency.


White has always been intrinsically linked to innocence, purity as well as cleanliness and hygiene. It is also synonymous with a minimalistic vibe and builds a sense of contemporary simplicity. 


Black is commonly favoured by high-end fashion brands for its elegance and sophistication, and it is also used to promote power and edginess. 


Anything that touches on the environment and wellbeing tends to favour green. It is closely associated with nature as well as decisiveness. Like blue, green promotes calmness, peace and relaxation.