As Christmas approaches, workloads and personal lives get busier and busier - it is also a time when your business' social media engagement should be ramped-up to take advantage of the extra time people spend on social during December. 

Shutterstock's recent article highlights '6 Social Media Tips and Tricks That Actually Work', as they explain:

"With increasing expectation for on-demand and trending content, it’s more and more difficult to keep up with social media management...  As mobile marketers, we are expected to be on social media 24/7. But how do we simplify our (already) hectic schedule?"

The first point they make is to Perfect Your Daily Tasks - simple, but oh so important!  Making sure you hit your monthly, quarterly and yearly social media goals all starts from having excellent daily organisation.  At Equinet we use Trello to keep track of our social media tasks; all social media management can be factored into our weekly sprint.  

Here are two social media management tasks along with some useful online tools to support your social media management:

1. Scheduling blog posts

Scheduling posts in advance is a known time-saver - you can schedule posts linking to blog posts, upcoming events, wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, landing pages and so on. We use HubSpot to schedule blog posts, we also have Grammarly ensuring no post goes out with a dreaded typo!  There are other social scheduling tools such as Hootsuite and SproutSocial.  

2. Create engaging visuals

Creating visuals that have an impact is key to successful social media engagement, Shutterstock have a great integration - Shutterstock Editor - allowing you to easily create custom designs for any social account.   

Other online editing tools include Pablo and Canva.

Using simple tools like these to Perfect Your Daily Tasks will keep you organised, increase your social media efforts and generate better results.