As Instagram's popularity grows, with over 1 billion users worldwide now using the platform, B2B marketers are increasingly jumping on the bandwagon and bringing their brands to live with Instagram stories. 

However, the in-app tools within Instagram are limited, and standing out from the crowd is getting harder. 

Kapwing noticed it was a problem to combine multiple images for the same story using the native app. So, they put their heads together to create Instagram Story Templates!

Instagram Story Templates are a hand-curated collection of templates that you can use to make visually stunning Instagram Stories. 

There are many different options to combine templates with different background, shapes, colours and text. 

The article below talks you through all the steps to creating your own customisable Instagram story. 

Check out  @Equinetmedia on Instagram in the coming weeks to see how we get on giving this a try. 

Kapwing Instagram story templates