The recent Twitter Marketing podcast from Social Media Examiner is amusing, insightful and full of useful strategies to adapt for your B2B social media campaigns.  As presenter Mike Stelzner points out Twitter is "one of the old guys", and most people are still using the same strategies they adopted years ago - things have moved on and your approach to Twitter should too. Here are my three key tips from the podcast featuring an interview with Dan Knowlton a video and social media expert:

1. Live events

Using Twitter before, during and after events has great benefits, see my post here on 3 tips on how to use Twitter effectively for B2B events. Dan and his team also create lists of people they meet - you can then use these lists to re-connect after events and build relationships, keeping the conversation going.

2. Customer Service

People expect to have an instant interaction with companies on social media, so it is vital you have systems in place to deal with customer queries. This might be via an automated message to let people know you have received their message and when they can expect a response.  Dan highlights Buffer and MailChimp as examples of brands who use Twitter to provide solution-focused customer service via Twitter, which in turn promotes them as a supportive business partner.

3. Video

Creating short how-to videos or behind-the-scenes footage to share on Twitter is great to start conversations and build relationships.  Dan explains that short videos of between 60-90 seconds are best.  Work the videos into your social media campaign, and Dan recommends using Twitter studio where you can add headings, a description and a call-to-action at the end of the video.

Thanks to Dan and Mike for the great insights!

Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash