For the majority of us, it's hard to escape the multiple forms of our persona that exist across our social media accounts: an average of 7.6, to be precise. 

After vowing to delete all social media apps from my phone this new year, I was soon obliged to download Instagram again for work purposes. Simply put, social media is not only an extension of our personal lives but also our professional lives. 

This is a phenomenon that tech giants are leveraging in order to achieve competitive advantage through diversifying social media platforms. 

So what exactly are we talking about here?

Did you know that Google is becoming ten times more competitive to apply for than Harvard?

I wasn't all the surprised, to be honest. 

It’s no secret that Google, as an employer, works tirelessly to provide the most millennial-friendly environment, promoting creativity, flexibility and positivity. But their successes are down to more than superficial features. A surge in employment desirability and the attraction of global talent can be attributed to the phenomenon that is employee advocacy, and as GDS group write, this could be the company’s secret weapon for spreading positive brand sentiment across diversifying platforms.

By developing an organisational culture that encourages employees themselves to champion the company values across their own diversifying social platforms, Google is succeeding in brand advocacy and a positive and desirable social image.  

Recurring features in the best place to work are continually flexibility, creativity and positivity. Promoting a sense of community, innovation and purpose are goals that tech companies should strive for if they are to attract global talent and appeal to potential customers as we move into 2019.