Which type of person are you?

A Red Creeper, a Green Creeper, or a Wire Walker?

No idea what I’m talking about? 

Let me explain. 

Research shows that when it comes to how we deal with our inbox, there are five types of people.

18% of us are ‘Red Creepers’ - myself included. We never delete our emails, our inboxes keep on growing forever, and it doesn’t bother us in the slightest.

48% of people are ‘Green Creepers’. They delete some email, but the emails are always totting up anyway.

‘Binge Deleters’ make up just 5% of people. They select all and delete every now and again - just when it all just feels a little out of control.

8% of people are ‘Wire Walkers’. They are constantly trying to put out metaphorical fires to keep their inbox to below a certain threshold.

And lastly, there are the ‘Inbox Zero-ers’, the final 17%, who are super organised and no matter how many emails they receive will always keep their inbox hovering around the zero mark.

According to this article, perhaps there is something to be learnt from the super organised ‘Inbox Zero-ers’. Perhaps I’d be a far more productive content marketer if I gave a little more consideration to organising my emails…

A lot of how productive we are, not just as content marketers, but in any line of work, comes down to our habits and how we structure our time. 

Andy Crestodina at Orbit Media Studios shares the habits he sticks to. One of them is maximising his inbox, but he also reminds us of the benefits of prioritising, capturing ideas quickly, delegating more, and getting enough sleep. And as a bonus, he shares an hour-by-hour day-in-the-life-breakdown for various marketers.