This week we've been hosting a work-experience student here at Equinet. As part of his orientation, he was tasked with interviewing the different teams in the office to gain a bit of insight into what we all do. 

On visiting us in the Content Writing office, one of his first questions was "Don't you ever run out of ideas...?" 

"Sure!" we replied, "We're only human!"

Fortunately though, those feelings are only ever temporary.

When you think about it, creative inspiration can be found in a surprising array of places - from conversations with our colleagues, families or friends, to that random person we chat to on our morning commute. 

Susan Barancini-Moe from Lifehack offers some great tips for digging your way out of a creativity hole.  

First up, she says, find ways to reduce stress and anxiety which can be pretty major blockers to our creative process.

Secondly, feed your mind - read great books, listen to great music, enjoy great art - anything that gives your brain a bit of well-needed sustenance.

And, of course, look to your industry. Make time to catch up on current trends, market reports and latest news. 

What are your peers talking about? What are your competitors up to? What are the biggest concerns for your potential clients? And what can you do to make life easier for them?

We've all had moments when we've come up against a creativity wall - but, with a bit of lateral thinking, there's always a way to get over it!