This week marks the 30th anniversary of the creation of the World Wide Web, it seems impossible that there was once a time that you couldn't proclaim 'Google it!' to find an answer.  

I remember pouring over the encyclopedia in our house when I was younger to complete homework.  A bit later in 1995 there was high excitement when my Dad brought home Encarta which was an interactive encyclopedia - just watching the intro brings back fond memories!  

My kids are of course accustomed to finding everything with the touch of a button. The interactive games they use fascinate me - especially Pokemon Go, I spend a lot of time looking out for Pokestops.  Interactive video for them is a natural progression, Minecraft Story Mode on Netflix allows the user to choose what happens by selecting on-screen prompts to control the adventure.  It's really quite fantastic; like a kid's version of the interactive film Black Mirror: Bandersnatch - without the violence, obvs. 

As Maddy pointed out in a blog last year - immersive, interactive video is a trend to watch. In a recent article HubSpot mentions 7 of the best creative, interactive videos of all time - well worth a read and most of them are highly addictive, I've warned you! 

With technology developing at such a pace I can't wait to see where video leads us next...