People who write down their goals have a 50% higher chance of actually achieving them, yet only 3% of adults write their goals down on paper.

What is it about simply writing things down that helps them come into fruition? 

Setting concrete goals, revisiting them, and bringing in external systems and influences to support them will actually increase your chances of success by 95%. 

By writing down your goals you are assigning them a physical location, to which you can revisit them periodically, place them somewhere you see them constantly, and share them with your team members. 

Neuroscience explains that writing things down improves general recall and the ‘encoding process’, which contributes to your memory and recollection of the goal. What’s more, by writing down, analysing and sharing your goals with others, it encourages you to drill down, commit and achieve those goals.

Another primary contributor to achieving your goals is putting systems in place to support those goals.

It’s no secret that Equinet are proponents of the Entrepreneurial Operating System (also known as EOS). We’ve often spoken about the benefits of the system and how aptly it is aligned to our business goals.

The system encourages continual goal setting - both big and small - and elevating and delegating to others to help them grow while making things happen. 

Following our most recent quarterly company update (a requirement of the EOS system), Jeremy informed the whole team of our annual growth, his goals and visions for the coming year and the steps we can all take as a team make those goals a reality. Some of those were pretty scary, but with a system to support those goals, a team who are accountable for various milestones within the process, and the goals written down in a physical location, they are now concrete and tangible. Those goals are becoming plans and accomplishing them suddenly feels more doable. 

I have been inspired to apply this technique to other areas of my personal life, including things like saving money, adopting healthier habits and perhaps even quitting some bad habits (ehem, social media)! The mind is our most powerful tool, and by sharpening it, and using it use it wisely, there is no reason we cannot accomplish our biggest goals.