You know, I like things that do what they say on the tin. 

If you’re interested in video, you might enjoy this walkthrough about editing decisions. It’s simple, it’s brief, and provides useful specialist knowledge. There’s no pre-amble centred on the speaker, who he is, or why we the audience should/like subscribe to the channel.

Instead, we dive right in to a fun listicle that will help you improve your video storytelling. It’s totally user-focused and genuinely answers the question of the viewer - what are the 9 cuts every video editor should know?

In it, he covers:

Standard cut

Jump cut



Cutting on action




Match Cut

Logan introduces a term, then provides a short description, as well as an explanation of how or why it is used in film. The more complex examples are followed by a demonstration that helps the audience visualise what he’s speaking about. These cuts are things you see everyday in film. They’re not groundbreaking techniques, but it’s good inspiration for spicing up your editing style. 

This video demonstrates key points in a simple yet effective format, and I think it would be helpful for anybody working on a video project.

If you’re interested in learning more about these essential cuts, check out the video in Logan’s blog.