There’s been a lot of talk of magazines lately in the Equinet office. Is print media finished? Is there still room for an offline experience? Or even an audience? 

Apparently so.

So much so that we are currently in the process of creating the first edition of our very own brand magazine. 

I came across this article by WNIP which tells of the growing success of brand magazines, and how they are evolving in today's digitally dominant climate.  

So what can we learn from some of the most successful brand magazines?

Don’t push your products or service

The most successful brand magazines provide high-quality content in the form of relevant features or interviews with influential activists or celebrities and are absent of any hard-selling. 

They rely on the power of valuable, stand-out and compelling content to engage their readers which ultimately steer towards their digital avenues of selling, but seldom do they push their products or service. Rather, they focus on educational, entertaining and helpful content such as how-tos, customer stories and interviews to nurture the reader through the buyer's journey

Build product stories around people

Many of the brand magazines reviewed in the article here feature interviews around influential figures (of whom also grace the front cover). Stories have a rich, deep context when they are based around real people that readers can resonate with.

Great visual content, photo-heavy 

Photo-heavy visuals and great visual content give print media its edge over online media. Visual content can be used to support story-telling within the magazine and features articles that keep readers coming back.

Focus on producing exceptional photography and visual content such as infographics and illustrations. All of which contribute to building a more authentic and traditional offline experience. 

Support with digital

Print and digital go hand in hand. Digital is more often than not our avenue of purchase, whereas print we might something we peruse and revisit while researching or connecting with a brand. 

ASOS is a great example. They use their brand magazine not as a catalogue, but as a medium for providing existing customers with insightful, editorial content. 

Check out this article for a deeper evaluation of some of the most prominent brand magazines.