Visuals improve the performance of web content in many ways.

They promise to increase website traffic, improve the CTR in email marketing campaigns, increase brand awareness and boost your reach on social media. When it comes to video, remember more than 100 million hours of video are watched on Facebook every day. That’s a hell of a lot of engagement.

This article highlights some of the most valid reasons to focus on great visual design in your marketing campaigns.

Here's a quick summary:

Improve understanding

Complex points are easier to understand when they are broken down into visuals, and memory recall is much better for images than plain text. Using imagery speeds comprehension and clarifies your message.

Create connections

Images provoke emotion and stimulate the mind. In a cluttered digital landscape, images can cut through the waffle and capture meaningful attention.

Generate more organic visibility

Images have a great bounty of SEO merit. Including highly optimised visuals - videos or images - will vastly improve your website ranking. Make sure you have audited your image alt-tags, and optimised your website images for better speed.

Capture short attention spans

Even fleeting contact can create a lasting impression. The subtext carried in the images you create, curate and share can tell a person a great deal about your company's mission, brand and values.

Easy to remember

Not only are people more likely to pay attention to your message if it's accompanied by visuals, they'll find it easier to remember.

Help drive leads

Visuals improve engagement metrics, which in turn improves lead generation.

Potential to repurpose

The shelf-life of your content can be extended by making changes to the way you present it. Consider whether your written content could be turned into a visual asset like an infographic, video or illustration. Read: 8 easy visual content ideas for B2B blogs if you're stuck for ideas.

Visual content carries great power when it comes to content marketing. Start harnessing it today and attract more business by using images strategically.